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About “the Coffee Queen”

Hello Coffee Drinkers!

One would think that a person writing a blog about coffee, especially with the name “Gourmet Coffee Queen”  has always liked coffee, right?  However, for me, it was not always that way!

Here is my story:

My coffee journey has taken me from not liking coffee at all to drinking it cheap and watered down to now drinking high quality and excellent tasting home brewed coffee!

While attending university, I drank cheap watered down coffee to help with those long hours of studying. It was not good coffee and I never went in pursuit of a better cup of coffee.

After graduating, I had the opportunity to spend some time in Europe.  It was then that I began to really appreciate the strong dark coffee that is regularly consumed there!

That was the turning point in my coffee journey!

Upon returning home, I began to frequent coffee shops for better tasting coffee.

After I got married, my husband and I began a quest for the perfect gourmet coffee at home that was as good as, if not better than,  the coffee we drank at coffee shops while dating.

It took a lot of research into the how and whys of proper coffee brewing, but it was worth it!

We now brew really good tasting coffee at home!

In fact, I would dare to say that it is better than most coffee shops and certainly lot less expensive!

Coffee is much more than a pick-me-up beverage in the morning or afternoon. Brewing and appreciating a well-made and delicious cup of coffee is a way of life!

The reason I created this site is to share these tips and techniques on the proper brewing for that perfect cup of gourmet coffee.

Happy Coffee Drinking!

Debbie “the Gourmet Coffee Queen”

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