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Tips for Keeping Coffee Fresh!

Do you want to keep your coffee really fresh?

Do you find yourself looking forward to opening up that new fresh bag of coffee because the bag you are currently using is losing all its flavor and aroma?

I am going to provide you with some tips on what to do to keep you coffee as fresh as possible!

Before we start talking about the ways to keep coffee fresh, let me tell you what the four main”enemies of coffee”are. These are the things to absolutely avoid!

1. Heat and Light:

  • Both heat and light cause the molecules responsible for flavor to break down
  • Keep away from places like heat registers, on top of the stove and away from as much light (natural and artificial) as possible)
  •  Heat and light will dramatically increase the chemical activity on the surface of the beans, causing them to deteriorate quickly in flavor and aroma

2. Water:

  • Water greatly increases the oxidation within coffee beans, and the presence of water in coffee beans leaves them in a very unstable condition causing oxidation

3. Oxygen

  • Oxygen is the worst offender for coffee beans.
  • Once exposed to the air they dry out quickly (as quickly as 20 minutes)
  • The beans will go stale and thus cause your cup of coffee to be bland and stale.

4. Fridge or Freezer

  •  Contact with moisture will cause it to deteriorate
  •  Freezing damages the oils in the bean.
  • You won’t gain any extension of freshness by keeping it cold
  • If you store the coffee improperly cold then it will absorb the odors in the fridge or freezer AND collect too much moisture from condensation to keep the bean fresh
  • When you freeze or refrigerate beans and then expose the cold or frozen beans to warm air, the warm air contains water vapor which will condense immediately on the cool surface of the beans. The condensed water will be rapidly absorbed into the beans.
  • There are lots of odors in the fridge and freezer that can affect the taste of your beans

Here are the Main Ways to Keep Coffee Fresh:

 1. Buy Coffee As Fresh As Possible

Buying coffee from a local store that roasts coffee is indeed the best way to ensure the best tasting coffee with the most delightful aroma!

If that is not an option for you, buy whole coffee beans that are in an air tight bag or container. High quality coffee roasters ship their product in airtight bags. The key though is to keep it as fresh as possible once you open it up!

2. Buy Whole Bean

All coffee starts to lose flavor as soon as it is roasted. Coffee generally has to be used ideally within 14 days of roasting it.

If using a whole bag of coffee within 14 days of opening it is not possible, you must have a way of keeping it tasting the best as possible.

Grind your beans as close to brewing as possible, and only grind as much as you need to avoid any waste.

3. Store coffee in an airtight containers

A good airtight container, whether in an opaque bottle or a vacuum sealed bag, will keep out the heat, water and oxygen.

Don’t forget to keep the container in a cool, dark place! We keep ours in the cupboard in an airtight wine bottle.

See here coffee storage ideas:

Never buy pre-ground coffee bean. Here is why:

  • When beans are pulverized into a fine or coarse grind, the oxidation process is accelerated.
  • In other words, the ground coffee will become stale a lot faster than if you buy  whole beans.
  • Ground coffee, even if in a sealed bag or container, is long past its best taste.
  • Ground coffee simply cannot be reasonably preserved in any way.

Questions or Comments? Suggestions? Please let me know.




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  1. Mar Mar

    I never realized there were such easy solutions to keeping coffee longer!

    I’m going to have to pass this along to my caffeine-addict friends. Do you think vinegar or Absolute bottles would work as well? (I’ve got the vinegar, they’ve got the drink)

  2. Hi Mar,
    We tested the VacuVin Wine stoppers to a 32 oz Bragg Vinegar bottle with a bottle opening diameter of .78 inches and it was just a little too wide to guarantee a proper vacuum seal. We have only used the Vacuvin brand wine stoppers. Our wine bottles have a diameter of .72 inches and it is a perfect seal.
    So to answer your question, I am not sure if those bottles would work.
    Another thing to note is the color of the bottle. It is more ideal to have the bottle opaque, but clear would work as long as the bottle is kept in a dark cool place.
    I hope this helps.

  3. I’m so glad you brought up the fact that there is a way to keep coffee fresh,
    Your message is good and clear. You have done good. Keepu0 the good work and keep the coffee brewing!


  4. Thanks Nita! I am glad you found the post easy to read. Hopefully you will find the information on my website helpful!
    Happy coffee drinking!

  5. I’m using a coffee machine that grinds the beans before it brews. I’m still looking for the right bean. Beans in the UK aren’t as popular as in Canada or the US.
    Great article. Love your topic and niche, as you know.

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