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Gooseneck Kettles


We have a Cozyna Gooseneck kettle with thermometer, however it is currently unavailable. Therefore I have decided to do a review page of goose neck kettles with thermometers from different companies.

I would recommend a goose neck stainless steel kettle with a thermometer for the following reasons:

  • a built-in thermometer ensures you have the ideal water temperature for brewing coffee
  • the goose neck spout is important for controlled pouring
  • stainless steel is safe to cook in

Note: I do not own any but am posting snippets of reviews  of others who have purchased the products listed below.


Product:  POUR OVER Coffee Kettle 1.2L – Stop Burning Your Beans – THERMOMETER Built-in by Coffee Gator – For Perfect Hand Drip Coffee

Rank: #6 in Kitchen & Dining > Cookware > Teakettles

Description: Stainless steel electric pour over kettle allows you to regulate your water temperature . Comes with thermometer. You will also be able to have complete control over the flow rate with the elegant goose neck spout and comfortable-grip handle.

Best Price: $40.97

Where to buy:


  • Precision gooseneck spout produces a smooth flow
  •  Built-in thermometer unlocks the complex oils, flavors and aromas
  • Capacity: 1.2 liter
  • Height: 16.5cm or 6.5 inches


  • “immpecable customer service”
  • “Thermometer works well, solidly built, pours great, and stays rust-free. Highly recommended.”
  • Clean up is as easy as pouring out and damping dry, inside and out. Convenient for travel between office and home.”
  • CoffeeGator is a great company that provides excellent support and make awesome products that help coffee lovers to make a delicious cup every time!”


  • “I have a single con or negative about this kettle; it’s too small to heat up enough water for a full Chemex or pot of coffee.”

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