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Vacuum Sealer for Coffee Storage

 Vacuum Sealer for Coffee Storage? Is it worth it?

A vacuum sealer appliance would be helpful to keep extra coffee in a sealed package if you do not have enough room in your coffee container. Here are the pros and cons with this appliance for coffee storage:


If you cut the bags open carefully, they can be washed and re-used!

Keeps the coffee airtight as long as you use the machine properly.


The bags are clear. Coffee ideally should be in an opaque bags or containers.

However, as long as you store coffee in a cool, dark place this would not much of an issue.

They are plastic bags and many people don’t want to store food in plastic.

vacuume sealed coffee storage
Two different roasts of coffee sealed by a vacuum sealer appliance.

Easily label your bags!

We keep excess coffee vacuum sealed and labeled. This way if we have more than one type of coffee open at the same time, we don’t have to guess! There is a place on the bags to write the type of coffee and date it was sealed.

Don’t Throw the Bags Away!

When we need to refill our wine bottles, we transfer what we need over and either reseal remaining beans or wash the bag and keep it for future use.

Make sure you store your sealed bags correctly!

We keep our vacuum sealed packages of coffee in the cupboard  so they are protected from heat, light and moisture.

In summary, the vacuum sealer system is definitely a good investment for coffee!


What do you think of the vacuum sealer system for keeping coffee fresh? Questions? Let me know below?

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