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What does “Gourmet” Coffee mean?

Are you wondering why I chose the term “gourmet coffee”?

My goal is help people brew the best possible coffee at home and make enjoy¬† their own cup of “gourmet” coffee!

Let me clear up some common misconceptions:

Isn’t gourmet coffee¬† expensive and time consuming to make?


Doesn’t it take a lot of pieces of expensive equipment?


Can you really make “gourmet” coffee at home?


Let me explain:

The term” gourmet coffee” is a subjective term

  • When I use the phrase , I am not necessarily referring to a type or blend of coffee with superior flavor characteristics and growing methods.

There is no regulation for the term “gourmet”

  • Any company can put the title on its product regardless of any true claim to superior coffee.

Gourmet coffee does not have to expensive

  • You can often order high quality coffee for less than $14 a pound.
  • We order ours from a local roaster and coffee shop called the Cabin Coffee Company and we pay $13 a pound. They roast it when we buy a bag!
  • There are many coffee places online that sell very good coffee without at an affordable price.

Gourmet coffee can be made with almost any kind of coffee if one uses made the right equipment, properly stores his or her coffee and brews the coffee at the right temperature.

Note: When I say “almost any kind of coffee” I do not mean stale, freezer-burned coffee or ground coffee from a grocery store bulk bin.

The BEST coffee is made when it is bought whole bean and ground right before using and stored properly.

What do you think “gourmet” coffee is? Do you agree with me? Why or why not? Do consider the coffee you drink at home “gourmet”?

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  1. Hi Debbie. Lovely precise article about Gourmet Coffee. Very simple, and honest.
    You may want to expand more, or write an article about your roasting house, what beans that they or use, or prefer, the process of roasting.
    By all means name this place, and see if they want some advertising too. Are they just local to you, or do they ship throughout Canada, USA or worldwide?
    I love how simple you make things. This suits my reading style.

    • Thank you, Francis, for your kind words and helpful tips. I greatly appreciate it. There are a couple other places from which we order fresh roasted coffee and are also on Amazon, so I will start with them.

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